• Boxing Glove AERO 200720/12
  • Boxing Glove AERO 200720/12

Boxing Glove AERO 200720

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Manufacturer: Dragon Sports

Warranty: 12 m-cy


Boxing Glove AERO

Material: genuine leather, foam, polyester

Gloves made of leather, inside filled with medium hardness regenerated manually modeled in order to obtain the best possible comfort for the user. Perfectly absorbing impact. The system of Multizone Airflow (material with air channels on the outside and inside of the glove) allows hands to breathe during use. The shock zone glove is connected to a leather thumb switch over the entire length in such a manner as to prevent the possible injury. Velcro fastening with a width of 75 mm and a long collar contributes to the stiffen and better protecting the wrist.

Catalogue Nr: 200720


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