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Warning: Martial Arts is a contact sport. Any contact sport can be dangerous and result in serious injury. When boxing or any contact sport be sure you are in good physical condition and under expert supervision. This equipment will provide limited protection but will not protect you against serious injury.


Head Gear   (19)

Mouth Guards   (3)

Chest Protectors   (5)

Elbow Protecors   (8)

Hand Protectors   (10)

Groin Protectors   (15)

Knee Protectors   (1)

Shin in Step - Foot Protector   (37)

Ankle Protector   (11)

Boxing Bandages   (15)

New Products For January
net: 33.54 EUR
gross: 41.25 EUR
net: 3.86 EUR
gross: 4.75 EUR
net: 4.27 EUR
gross: 5.25 EUR
net: 20.12 EUR
gross: 24.75 EUR
net: 76.22 EUR
gross: 93.75 EUR
net: 14.03 EUR
gross: 17.25 EUR
net: 4.47 EUR
gross: 5.50 EUR
net: 4.47 EUR
gross: 5.50 EUR

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