• Mouth Guard Single GEL 201196NR
  • Mouth Guard Single GEL 201196NR

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Manufacturer: Dragon Sports

Warranty: 12 m-cy

Mouth guard single GEL

Material: Silicone-Gel

This mouth guard is well formed and made with the silicone gel material . The jaw is composed of two layers , making it up to three times thicker than conventional mouthguards , ensuring the safety of the teeth . Allows you to breathe comfortably and a great sense of comfort to the user. Gel liner is a material that has properties to closely imprint the opposing teeth.This mouth guard provides maximum protection for your teeth , jaw , and indirectly the whole brain. Gel in silicone, a feature that prevents the movement of the mouth guard during the use. Conforms to the molding jaws by immersing it in hot water ( not boiling ! ). In addition the product includes a practical storage box for hygienic use . Used in all sorts of contact sports.

Catalogue Nr: 201196

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